The Gorkha GNW Tweed (GGT) is unique tweed fabric of Nepal germane to Himalayan traditional woven technique and pattern. It is made of hundred percent virtuous Himalayan hygienic dyed and natural wool. It is a high quality winter reliable fabric. Since GGT is hand woven using home loom, it involves special manufacturing processes with interesting finishing stage. GGT is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is better in terms of quality, texture, and color depth in comparison to other fabric, therefore, most preferable by customers in Nepal and beyond. All our products are beneficial for human health as well as considered beautiful and comfortable for all age groups. GGT is the very famous heritage of the Himalayan and warmth able Fabric.

Gorkha GNW Tweed is made from 100 percent virtuous Himalayan hygienic wool, dyed and natural spun yarn is used. It is hand woven fabric made using home loom. These fabrics are especially available in the Machhikande, Mandrow, Puntum, and RARA patterns (Check and plain). Its single width 30” (75cm) and from 10oz to 13oz, it is very famous heritage of the Himalayan and warmth able fabric.