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Our traditional product as guaranteed natural wear (GNW), GGT is not only nice in looking but also equally warm and comfortable. The raw material production process, dyeing, spinning, weaving, washing and finishing are of global standards. This is handwoven by traditional home loom from Nepal. This is made by 100 percent Himalayan wool it is virtuous and hygienic so this is beneficial to our health. This is necessary and very important to all aged people residing in the winter season and cold geographical areas.

This GGT can be used to make coat, overcoat, jacket, and all other items for male, female, and third gender. The one who uses this product feels self-satisfaction. This is the symbol of our Owner / Chairman identity. We are fully confident this is our product of high quality as produced targeting the world market. However, we expect that Nepali consumers will prefer this product to be since they love more products. if you want to compare GGT'S products, it is more reasonable than the high-quality tweed found in the world. We request all consumers of Nepal and globally to judge and analyze the price and quality of our GGT by consumers. We want to ensure that you cannot find the difference between our sayings and products since this is our commitment to all our consumers.

we expect that Nepali consumers will prefer this product to be since they love more the products. The price of GGT product's is more reasonable than the high-quality tweed found in the world .

If you want Natural Fabric?
There is a growing movement around the world to return to nature when it comes to food. Organic food is close to nature and free from modern-day chemicals. Organic food helps you avoid chemicals that have devastating effects on your body, But why about your clothes? Your clothes are equally important if you want to turn organic. Your clothes remain in contact with your skin for a long time and if they are not organic, chemicals can still enter your body. That is why we at

We are promoting organic material such as natural fibers.

We have been producing natural wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, nettle, and hemp fabric, by drawing into our extensive experience, fine skills, and knowledge of producing different clothes and patterns. We believe that our high quality goods and services will help consumers wear organic natural fiber clothes. We firmly believe that when to our consumers are healthy and happy, then only can we be happy and healthy.

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Deep Bahadur Shahi

Deep Bahadur Shahi

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Narendra Shahi

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Our Rug Making Process

  • Raw Materials
  • Design
  • Process
  • Our raw materials include wool as well as seasonal plant products(Used for our kelim Weaves of nettle, jute and hemp. Our High qaulity raw materials are harvested from the earth and undergo simple, natural processing and dyeing before being handed over to the expert hands of our weaving artisan

  • Rugs are chiefly made if wool,the best and most widely used rug making material, which comes from selected merchants from the highlands of the himalaya and New Zealand as well as alpacawool from mongolia.Our buyers pay keen attention to the tension and qaulity o fthe wool, and depending on the desired effect, seek long,soft and silky wool from bellies of sheep or strong lustrous material from other areas.The best wool comes from lambs between 8 and 14 month old, particularly from colder regions. Wool contains natural oils such as lanolin which resist dirt, making it relatively simple to clean.

  • For our kelim style, natural materials are gathered from community jungles where villagers seasonally harvest hemp, jute and nettle plants whose earthy colors will vary with elevation,location and season. They then strip away the fibers and boil them. Fibers are given a rinse and soaked for about two weeks. Materials are then allowed to dry before hand spinning in the fibers together. Hemp is one of the most versatile and eco-friendly plants and produces long, resilient fiber that are fexible, strong and resistant to water damage. OUr natural hemp textile have quickly became a customer favorite

  • We have hundred of imaginative designs, mostly Asian-inspiredthat originate from modern to timeless cultural influences. Our distinguished patterns,stylish colors and rich shades and tones offers a wide range of both traditional and contemporary folk art. for our kelim style rugs, we follow both the plain weave technique and Moroccan style with Tibetan knotting methods. The two are often blended together to create unique design effects

  • We Follow these pattern using both Tibetan and Turkish double-knots on our rugs. but typically we favor the Tibetan knot, well-known for precision,durablity and design capabilities.The backing material of our pile rugs is generally cotton-linen arranged in exacting warp and weft lines on the loom. Others intrument inlcude the comb to hammer down weft lines and keep the rug tight.

  • From the technique of washing and treating materials, to looms, knots,patterns and design. Our Specialized team of craftspeople create, finish and deliver the finest products available. Rugs are woven using vertical Tibetan-style looms in studios located close to the homes of staff. We have taken the extraordinary step of traveling outside Kathmandu to the far west of Nepal in order to provide the community with training in their own environment. We selected our workforce and provide the skills of craftsmanship with the intent of enhancing the lifestyle that people enjoy working near their own homes.

  • Once the rug comes off the loom. it is trimmed with handheld shears to clip the pile to a uniform, even level,Design patterns are further sculpted with a time-intensive, exacting process that gives the carpet an exquisite, embossed look. Incisions around patterned designs give them an appearance of being raised above the rest of the rug.

  • Additional processing involves removing extraneous fiber by briefly scorching the rug with a flame before washing, largely using captured rainwater to remove surface dirt and excess dye as well as to loosen and straighten pile and give it a characteristic finish. Chemical washing helps to moth proof the materials and gives a patina or specific finish while toning down colors. Our in house washing division uses compounds non-allergic to human skin. once washed and dried, the rugs are mechanically stretched to straighten the sides while edge are bound.