Our History

I stared my business career since 1990 in woolen yarn production for carpet making. Since then, I have been continuously involving in the hand knotted flooring carpet and rug manufacturing and export. I have own identity as an industrialist from the KARNALI Province, Mid-western Nepal. When I visited Europe, I came across an interesting tweed fabric that was traditionally being made by local people of Island areas. Then I suddenly remembered our traditional hand woven woolen fabric (‘’BAKHU’’), which is made over the centuries in Highlands area of Nepal. That has been carrying hand woven and finishing technique by local people of high hill.

It made me motivate sufficiently and couldn't wait long and started to make my own regional tweed, since 2016, namely GORKHA GNW Tweed, which is a modern version of the traditional BAKHU. As the magical warmth of the highlands woolen fabric is now recreated the pattern and tremendous sense of color and texture. We are fully aware that our health has been negatively affected by clothes manufactured using low quality or harmful materials. That is Why we decided to produce tweed and clothes made by organic and natural fibers for beneficial to human health.