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Why Consumers Prefer our products?

Simply because all the products of Gorkha GNW Tweed are anti-bacterial, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, eco-friendly and carrying very long tradition of high hills and Himalayan indigenous and enterprising people of Karnali Province, Nepal.


Our traditional product as a guaranteed natural wear (GNW), GGT is not only nice in looking but also equally warm and comfortable. The raw material production process, raw wool washing, dyeing, spinning, weaving, washing and finishing are of global standards. This is hand woven by traditional home loom from Nepal. This is made by 100 percent Himalayan wool it is virtuous and hygienic so this is beneficial to our health.
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Tweed Making Process

  • • Raw Wool Collection
  • • Raw Wool Washing
  • • Dyeing
  • • Natural Spun
  • • Machine Spun
  • • Ready Yarn for Weaving
  • • Weaving
  • • Rough Finishing
  • • Washing
  • • Foot Felting
  • • Calandering
  • • Final Finishing
  • • Outlet

  • Bhusan Dahal

    My experience with the term Tweed started very early in life, ever since my days in school. Whenever I saw people (especially my teachers) wearing unique patterned apparels with herringbone and twirl weaving methods I always got curious about and had total imprint of the urge to wear some, later in life. Consciously when I […]


    Bhusan Dahal