Nettle Fabric

Why Nettle fabric?

Nettle fabric is an unusual textile for those who have only touched a 'stinging nettle'. While the stinging nettle causes a breakout of a painful, itchy rash, nettle fabric is not only safe to wear, but it is highly comfortable. The fabric is made from the fibers of plants within the stalks and not the silky barbs on the outer surface.

Despite the stinging properties of nettle plants, the fibers inside are surprisingly ideal for textiles. The fibers have good length and can be spun into a yarn. The nettle fiber is similar to linen, but highly much stronger and a bit stiffer, making it ideal for more structured garments. It also blends well with other fibers, which can be used to add softness and increase longevity. As it is organic and hygienic wild natural fiber. The nettle fabric protects for all human age with health.