What we do

We are fully aware that our health has been negatively affected by using clothes manufactured through the low quality or harmful materials which we felt most painful and at the same time encouraged to produce clothes made of organic and natural fibers beneficial to human health. We are producing global standard natural woolen Fabric, Silk Fabric, Cotton Fabric, linen Fabric, Nettle Fabric, and hem Fabric,

since 2016 by using our long experiences, fine skills, and knowledge of producing different clothes and serving to the consumers of Nepal and worldwide. We believe that our high quality goods and services will help entire consumers to fulfill their needs to some extent to wear pure and high standard clothes. We firmly believe that the satisfaction of consumers is our satisfaction, the health of consumers is our health, the life

of consumers is our life, consumers are our gods, the choice of consumers is our hope and belief, and our continuity is totally rested upon consumers. We have experience in producing Nepali carpet since 1991 and therefore, we are confident that consumers will like and love our new fabrics and we will be motivated to further expand our business. The basis of commitments to our beloved consumers is working by honesty and serving by producing high-quality fabrics.