From the technique of washing and treating materials, to looms, knots,patterns and design. Our Specialized team of craftspeople create, finish and deliver the finest products available. Rugs are woven using vertical Tibetan-style looms in studios located close to the homes of staff. We have taken the extraordinary step of traveling outside Kathmandu to the far west of Nepal in order to provide the community with training in their own environment. We selected our workforce and provide the skills of craftsmanship with the intent of enhancing the lifestyle that people enjoy working near their own homes.

Once the rug comes off the loom. it is trimmed with handheld shears to clip the pile to a uniform, even level,Design patterns are further sculpted with a time-intensive, exacting process that gives the carpet an exquisite, embossed look. Incisions around patterned designs give them an appearance of being raised above the rest of the rug.

Additional processing involves removing extraneous fiber by briefly scorching the rug with a flame before washing, largely using captured rainwater to remove surface dirt and excess dye as well as to loosen and straighten pile and give it a characteristic finish. Chemical washing helps to moth proof the materials and gives a patina or specific finish while toning down colors. Our in house washing division uses compounds non-allergic to human skin. once washed and dried, the rugs are mechanically stretched to straighten the sides while edge are bound.