Gorkha GNW Tweed is made from 100 percent virtuous Himalayan hygienic wool, dyed and natural spun yarn is used. It is a handwoven fabric made using the home loom. These fabrics are especially available in the Machhikande and Mandrow Check and plain Pattern. It is handwoven as well as foot felted Color fabric. Its single width 30” (75cm) and from 10oz to 13oz, it is very famous heritage of the Himalayan and warmth able fabric.

Classical Ladies long coat

• Made from 100% Virtuous Himalayan wool 28 microns,
• Peak lapel,
• Real horn brown buttons,
• one button front,
• Three cuff buttons,
• Three internal and two external pockets


It is made up of Himalayan wool with high quality and its color is inspired by nature and its rugged weave was originally designed to protect from cold weather. It is woven for all genders and available in Machhikade (herring born) and Mandrop (twill ).

in addition, we offer custom design to our customer with high-quality tweed and attentive service
for a custom order please click the link https://www.gorkhatweed.com/order/


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