Raw Materials

Our raw materials include wool as well as seasonal plant products(Used for our kelim Weaves of nettle, jute and hemp. Our High quality raw materials are harvested from the earth and undergo simple, natural processing and dyeing before being handed over to the expert hands of our weaving artisan

Rugs are chiefly made if wool,the best and most widely used rug making material, which comes from selected merchants from the highlands of the Himalaya and New Zealand as well as Alpaca-wool from Mongolia.Our buyers pay keen attention to the tension and quality of the wool, and depending on the desired effect, seek long,soft and silky wool from bellies of sheep or strong lustrous material from other areas.The best wool comes from lambs between 8 and 14 month old, particularly from colder regions. Wool contains natural oils such as lanolin which resist dirt, making it relatively simple to clean.

For our Kelim style, natural materials are gathered from community jungles where villagers seasonally harvest hemp, jute and nettle plants whose earthy colors will vary with elevation, location and season. They then strip away the fibers and boil them. Fibers are given a rinse and soaked for about two weeks. Materials are then allowed to dry before hand spinning in the fibers together. Hemp is one of the most versatile and Eco-friendly plants and produces long, resilient fiber that is flexible, strong and resistant to water damage. Our natural hemp textile have quickly become a customer favorite